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"As a second generation union member, I know the benefits of health care and a living wage that only a union can provide.  I care deeply about the middle-class and cannot fathom how far behind so many of our brothers, sisters, and neighbors have fallen in our economy.  I believe we need to elect representatives who know what it is to work with their hands, and minds, to make sure Main Street's voice isn't ignored by Wall Street.  I am proud to run for the 19th Assembly seat to be a true voice for my community."



We must continue to fully fund public education and ensure that school mandates on our Long Island schools come with financial support from Albany.  Ensuring that New York children have access to affordable SUNY schools (where my oldest son is attending) is a must to help working class families avoid the debt trap that hits so many of our college age children.


Governor Cuomo has been a strong advocate for Union built public work projects.  Having worked on some of the largest public-work projects in the country -- like the East Side Access -- I know we must continue to fund major infrastructure projects on Long Island and the metropolitan area to ensure our economy grows.


We need to make sure health care is a right and not a privilege for the few.  If Congress won't act, the New York legislature must do all it can to make sure a visit to the hospital does not bankrupt a family. 


We live on a island that drinks the water underneath our roads and houses.  We must fund and build a green economy to help protect the resources we have, help reduce the costs of our electrical utilities for families on Long Island, and promote smart growth (not unchecked development) in our District and all of Long Island. 


No more nonsense on this issue.  We need simple, uniform gun laws to protect our children and neighbors from the horrific violence of mass shootings.  Background checks for all and a red-flag system to allow the temporary removal of guns from people with mental health issues or domestic abuse problems should be passed immediately. Every gun should be registered so law enforcement knows how to trace a weapon.  There is a common sense approach that can protect both society and the Second Amendment.  I will have that discussion, unlike too many others currently in office.